Mission & Vision

Reaching...Up to God, Around our Communities,
Out to the Nations & Into the Future.

The Mission

The mission of Valley Christian Center  is to
Up to God
- (Worship - To Celebrate)
Around our Communities - (Ministry - To Demonstrate)
Out to the Nations - (Evangelism - To Communicate)
& Into the Future - (Discipleship - To Educate)

The Vision

We have a vision of a community of believers of diverse culture, financial status, and religious heritage who will be united by a common cause and vision to produce a God honoring church that will serve  Lassen County and influence nations.

We have a vision of people committed to mutual understanding and patience with one another as God completes the process He has begun in each of us:  People who provide an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and forgiveness so as to nurture that development.

We have a vision of a congregation that’s committed to “Restoration,” that is, bringing wholeness to humanity:  Wholeness to spirit, soul and body.

We have a vision of hundreds of people from the greater Lassen County area, who meet regularly for celebration services where the music is contemporary, enthusiastic and worshipful.  The messages are relevant to the needs of our world and are encouraging and challenging in nature.  Here at Valley Christian Center, the primary goal of our Sunday morning service is to see those who don’t know Jesus Christ intimately, come to find him as their “Best Friend.”  

We have a vision of an equipping, training center that disciples’ leaders to be all God intended them to be.  This church will not judge its effectiveness by its seating capacity, but by its sending capacity.  We see this church sending out hundreds of ministry teams, pastors, missionaries, musical groups, church planters and evangelists to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have a vision of community through covenant relationships.  People will learn through this church the true principle of covenant friendships - that for better or worse, good or bad circumstances, we maintain our relationships.  We choose to “believe the best” about a person.  To believe in them when they don’t believe in themselves.  These relationships will be networked and nurtured through the framework of small group ministries.

We have a vision of a people who will agree that it is all right to disagree, to accentuate the areas they agree upon (which are the essentials) and to gracefully acknowledge and accept the differences in the non-essentials.  These people will enjoy each other in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere where there is true transparency, admitting the successes and failures, the battles won and lost for mutual encouragement.

We have a vision of our children being taught and cared for, our marriages strengthened, our singles community finding shelter and genuine care, our youth being unconditionally loved and helped through their development, our senior citizens being honored and celebrated for their wisdom and experience adding continued value to the Church.

We have a vision of a church that will be a vital part of God’s work in the earth until the return of Jesus Christ.

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